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Calling All Flavor Enthusiasts! Help Us Craft Our Fall Flavors 🍂☕️

Calling All Flavor Enthusiasts! Help Us Craft Our Fall Flavors 🍂☕️

Hello, Latte Lovers! It’s Matt and Joanna with an exciting invitation for you. We’ve been rolling up our sleeves, stepping into our crafting boots, and preparing to dive headfirst into the creation of our tantalizing fall flavors. We're inviting you—yes, you!—to jump on board and help us in this incredible endeavor.


We are seeking 20 exceptional individuals to join our exclusive group of flavor testers. 

Can you imagine it? Sipping on our gourmet protein lattes, experiencing the burst of flavors before anyone else, and knowing that your input played a vital role in creating that perfect taste. Intrigued? 

Here's what you need to do to qualify:

  1. Go through the list of flavors we've been considering @TheRoastedPurpose instagram account and pick out four that you believe would make the perfect symphony for the autumn season. 🍁
  2. If selected as a flavor tester, you will receive a package of our fall flavors delivered to your doorstep. Your task is simple yet crucial - indulge in each flavor and share your thoughts via our feedback form. But remember, we're working against the clock and would love to have your feedback within a 10-day timeframe. ⏳
  3. Sharing is caring, isn't it? You must tag a friend who loves coffee just as much as you do and who might be interested in joining us in this flavor journey in order to qualify for a flavor tester. Each additional tag gives you an additional entry.  👫
  4. We believe in fairness, so our 20 flavor testers will be selected randomly, provided they meet the above criteria.

This is your opportunity to be part of our team, to make your mark on our fall flavors, and to help us ensure an exceptional taste experience for all. Your contribution as a flavor tester is more than valued—it's essential.

We are thrilled to embark on this delicious journey with you. With your help, we can create fall flavors that are extraordinary, memorable, and just as unique as you are.

So, let's get to it! Let's put our flavor caps on and create something spectacular together. Ready to become a Roasted Purpose Flavor Tester? Head over to instagram now and let the flavorful journey begin!


Matt and JoJo