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Vanilla Rooibos Protein Tea - 10 pack

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Introducing our Vanilla Rooibos Herbal Protein Tea. This unique blend of caffeine-free organic Rooibos creates a rich, red brew that's full-bodied and bursting with flavor. Enhanced with a hint of vanilla and enriched with gut-friendly protein, it's more than just a tea; it's a healthful indulgence.

  • Delicious flavor from real ingredient
  • Quick and easy - just add water
  • 12g of protein per tea
  • Organic Rooibos tea
  • Supports skin, joint, bone and heart health
  • Free of dairy, sugar, soy and whey
  • NO erythritol or sugar alcohols
  • Super clean tea - organic herb

We're passionate about making a difference—one cup of tea at a time. Click here to see how enjoying a cup of our Vanilla Rooibos Protein Tea contributes to positive change in communities worldwide.


Customer Reviews

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This tea has changed my nighttime routine! It’s flavorful, smooth and with the added bonus of protein makes it absolutely perfect!

Tea Time!

I am so thankful for this tea!! I am not a coffee drinker, even though I have found I like The Roasted Purpose coffee. Now that this tea is here, I drink it, or The Roasted Purpose Protein Powder in my own tea, every day. This Rooibos has so much flavor. This tea is soothing comfort in a mug.

Sonja M.
It's a Whole Evening Vibe!

I love the protein coffee so much that I crave it at night as I'm winding down, but I don't need to be drinking caffeine at night. This tea has been a GAME CHANGER! It is part of my nighttime routine. I make myself a cup of RP tea and settle in to read my book before bed. It's the perfect way to end my day.

I drink tea now!

This tea is so good and has been a life saver for me at night when I get a sweet tooth! I never really drank tea before, but knowing that it’s good for you in addition to the great taste makes it a no brainer.