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Hazelnut Protein Latte

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A nutty hazelnut infused with organic hazelnut flavor and filled with gut-healthy protein.
  • Delicious flavor from real ingredients
  • Quick and easy - just add water
  • 18g of protein per latte
  • Organic mold free coffee
  • Supports skin, joint, bone and heart health
  • Free of dairy, sugar, soy and whey
  • NO erythritol or sugar alcohols
  • Super clean latte - no syrups, fillers or nasty additives
Why do we care so much? Because we believe in making a positive impact on the world, one cup of coffee at a time. And if you want to see the real difference we're making, just click here to discover how your cup of coffee is helping communities.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christee Evans
My Favorite TRP Flavor!

I have tried almost every flavor from The Roasted Purpose and it's hard to choose just one favorite, but if I had to do it--- it would definitely be the Hazelnut Latte! It's smooth and not overpowering, but the perfect blend of flavor and caffeine. Some coffees will give me an upset stomach, but TRP coffees never do!

So good!

This one tastes just like you would expect it to, delicious and cozy. It’s a favorite!

Jessie Bouckaert
Buttery & subtly sweet

It's so easy to make too! Pro tip: get yourself a frother and mix the packet with 8oz of water. Best enjoyed over ice out of a mason jar mug, on the front porch. Seriously, it's really good.