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Vanilla Protein Latte

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A velvety vanilla latte infused with organic vanilla flavor and filled with gut-healthy protein.
  • Delicious flavor from real ingredients
  • Quick and easy - just add water
  • 18g of protein per latte
  • Organic mold free coffee
  • Supports skin, joint, bone and heart health
  • Free of dairy, sugar, soy and whey
  • NO erythritol or sugar alcohols
  • Super clean latte - no syrups, fillers or nasty additives
Why do we care so much? Because we believe in making a positive impact on the world, one cup of coffee at a time. And if you want to see the real difference we're making, just click here to discover how your cup of coffee is helping communities.



Customer Reviews

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Shannon Eatherton

Creamy vanilla Latte is my afternoon cup! Love this hot! It’s nice and creamy and delicious!

Glad I switched!

The vanilla latte from The Roasted Purpose is not only a delicious creamy alternative to my coffee, but it's also helped in my weight loss journey, helping me lose an 32 lbs since making the switch 9 months ago. Its rich flavor and ingredients make it a guilt-free pleasure that supports my change to a healthier lifestyle.

Mia D.
A morning … and afternoon must!

This flavor is amazing!! It’s a staple, you just can’t go wrong! It’s amazing to me the creaminess of the coffee without any dairy! I feel like it goes without saying the amazing ingredients this protein coffee has. I am someone who loves convenience that doesn’t sacrifice quality and this is an easy “yes” every morning for me. But not only morning, afternoon as well for a great pick me up at work! It gives me the energy I need to fuel my body and finish out the work day without missing a beat!

Jessie Bouckaert
Not your average vanilla latte

Vanilla coffee drinks are everywhere and I've tried dozens of them. Friends, this one is premium. It's high- class. You can literally taste the wholesomeness of choice ingredients and it blends so well. I feel good for hours after I drink this. There's no high, no crash, no powdery aftertaste, no jitters. It's enough caffeine and sustains you longer than the average cup of joe. You can't go wrong with drinking hot or cold. And bonus: I love what this company stands for!

Perfect blend flavor and nutrition

Absolutely in love with the vanilla protein latte! It strikes the perfect balance between creamy vanilla goodness and the protein punch I need to fuel my day. Unlike other protein drinks, it's not gritty at all and mixes smoothly with both cold and hot beverages. The taste delightful, not overly sweet or artificial, making it a refreshing part of my morning routine. Plus, it's super convenient for those busy mornings or when I need a post-workout boost. Highly recommend!